Scott’s Story

A Personal Story: Professional Degree Program

An announcement and an explanation

Provided by Scott Bresky

I am pleased to announce that I was awarded a professional degree in the field of long-term care, Certified in Long-Term Care (CLTC).  The press release is at the end of this article.

As some of you know I have always been passionate about long term care and view it as a  capstone to anyone’s retirement plan.

Why the passion?  Firsthand experience.

I watched my brother go through his savings while fighting and ultimately succumbing to a chronic illness and the long-term effects this lengthy illness had on his family. I saw the physical and mental toll LTC took on my other brother who cared for his wife over many years, at home, until she passed. I experienced it firsthand with my father who lived to 100 and needed care for over 10 years while our family spent over $1 million to provide that care at home. I viewed from a distance my wife’s Aunt going through all the stages of Alzheimer’s and passing just prior to her limited LTC coverage running out, which would have caused the family to move her to a different, less desirable memory facility.

In all of these situations, extended care could have helped.  It could have eased not only the financial burden but equally important some of the emotional impact on the family members.

There are always consequences.  I have found that providing care to chronically ill people often makes healthy caregivers chronically ill.  In my practice I’ve seen where providing care doesn’t bring families together, rather it often tears them apart. And, all to often if you ever need care, your life doesn’t end, but the lifestyle of someone you love does.

Maybe I’m a little closer than further away from needing extended care, hence the passion.   I do know how important LTC planning can be for you and your family’s financial and emotional well-being.  I urge you to seek out qualified professionals so when this issue presents itself in the future you are prepared.  I know your family members will thank you.