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As a private, non-proprietary financial services firm, we are ​uniquely positioned​ to provide experienced, unbiased advice on an objective basis. We are not restricted to any investment product or service and work exclusively for the benefit of our clients. In fact, as an Investment Advisor Representative working with the Registered Investment Advisor, SCF Investment Advisors, we have a legal fiduciary obligation to act in each client’s best interests.

We believe in maintaining ​long-term relationships​ and providing continued advice as we work with you to formulate a plan that reflects your objectives, goals and personal legacy. We strive to find the right balance between growing your assets and protecting you and your family from undue risk.

We partner with your professional advisors and establish an​ investment policy​. Our combined objective is to help develop a comprehensive solution for your unique needs and aspirations.

Our mission is to be recognized by our clients and colleagues as the premier provider of wealth management, estate planning, and client advisory services.





There are ​three stages​ to wealth management: accumulation, preservation, and distribution. Our unique ability to provide highly personal planning, advice, and service throughout all three stages is enhanced by incorporating your professional advisors each step of the way

All aspects of your wealth planning must work in ​harmony​, and this can only be accomplished when professional advisors from the various disciplines are working in tandem for you, with ​your best interest ​as the central theme.

Wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution is concerned with much more than just making investments. Goals need to be ​quantifiable​, ​realistic​, and achievable​. Assets and income should be managed to provide optimum returns, with a laser focus on tax implication and risk tolerance. Adequate levels of liquidity need to be maintained to provide for emergencies and opportunities. If businesses are involved, business continuity plans should be designed and effectively maintained.




Our financial planning services are designed to offer advice on a range of financial subjects. The following ​6 Step Process​ guides clients through this interactive approach.

  • • Discovery Meeting.​​ The initial meeting is to get a financial understanding of your needs, concerns and objectives while identifying the obstacles you face in trying to achieve your goals. We will also discuss our philosophy, explain in detail how we work with you, review our services, outline our fee/commission structure, and answer any questions you may have.
  • ​• Gathering Data and Goals​. ​A data collection form will be given and you will complete in as much detail as possible. This document will be the starting point for all future planning.
  • • Mutual Commitment Meeting​.​ We use the data collected to analyze your financial needs, and assist you in developing realistic goals and objectives based on information provided. At this stage we typically enter into a mutual agreement to perform a comprehensive plan which could include such topics as investments, taxes, insurance, retirement, estate planning, education funding, insurance analysis, among other subjects.
  • • Plan Preparation.​ We are now ready to prepare a written report on a specific project,or comprehensive plan, in the scope requested by you based on the information and needs analysis gathered during our previous meetings. In order to complete the plan we may request to speak with your professional team which could include a CPA, tax advisor, attorney(s), or other counselors. If you do not have these resources and we deem these resources important, we can make recommendations.
  • ​• Review Recommendations and Action Plan​. ​ When the entire plan has been finalized and assembled, a planning meeting is scheduled to review the data analysis and recommendations. Any final tweaking to the plan takes place at this time. We then assist you in implementing the plan.
  • ​• Monitoring Progress on an Ongoing Basis​. ​ We review the plan periodically in time frames that are agreed upon by all parties. However, during the first year, it is strongly suggested that we meet at least quarterly to monitor the implementation and answer any questions that may come up. After the first year regular follow-up meetings are scheduled to review the progress in reaching your financial goals, to update changes in the tax and investment environment, and to discuss new or changed objectives.

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