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AWG Real Estate Advisors ​is a boutique real estate firm helping investors sell and buy commercial property with an expertise in locating “off market” properties. Our primary goal is to offer the best service and advice to our clients so that they in turn can make the best business decisions in a marketplace where conditions are continually changing.




We are proudly independent which allows us to use our ​vast network​ for the benefit of our clients without the restrictions associated with “big” firms. Along with our vast network, we possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in acquisitions, disposition, transaction negotiations, lease review, all forms of financing, valuations, and market conditions.

Our sweet spot for transactions is between $1 million and $20 million. We don’t believe that representing you is about making an introduction and then letting you fend for yourself. We are about being a consultant, an advisor, and a trusted team member.

We offer the best service and advice to our clients so that they in turn can make the best business decisions in a marketplace where conditions are continually changing.




If you own highly appreciated investment real estate, a​ 1031 Exchang​e is a powerful wealth management tool that allows investors to sell certain properties and defer specific taxes by reinvesting the proceeds into “like-kind” investment properties.

There are a variety of options for your replacement property(ies) within a 1031 Exchange…but the key to​ financial succes​s is choosing the option that serves your overall financial objectives.

At AWG Real Estate & 1031 Advisors, we believe that making the​ right investment decision​s requires a dedicated, independent, and highly experienced partner. Someone who can demystify the complicated 1031 Exchange process into simple, straight-forward language. A professional who can identify replacement properties that will not only provide important tax benefits, but also provide income, potential and possibly appreciation. A professional with integrity and objectivity to recommend the ideal opportunities that match your specific financial profile.

Helping Guide You Through the 1031 Exchange Process

We have a no-nonsense, plain-talking style, which enables us to make the complex processes involved in a 1031 Exchange more​ easily understood​. We team with professional advisors and together we provide the information needed to make informed financial decisions.

We are more than just real estate professionals. We help you take a​ complete look​ at your financial picture to determine if a 1031 Exchange is the right choice for your needs. If it is, we help find the ideal replacement property to meet your investment goals. If not, we recommend alternatives to help ensure your financial success.

Reputation is everything. Ours is based on complete commitment to helping our clients make the most informed decisions possible to achieve their financial goals.

A Proven 5-Step Process

We guide you through the complex 1031 Exchange process using our proven 5-Step process​.

  • • Analyze Your Needs​.​​ We listen. We take time to understand your overall financial objectives. We then conduct a careful property and investment analysis to help you determine if a 1031 Exchange will meet your goals. If real estate is not the right match for your investment needs, we’ll help you explore other alternative investments that might be a better fit.
  • ​• Coordinate The Team​. ​We coordinate the efforts of your attorney, accountant, realtor, property sponsor, and qualified intermediary. If you don’t already have these specialists, we can recommend highly qualified professionals who specialize in 1031 Exchanges.
  • • ​Find The Right Property.​ ​ Our extensive network and experience allows us to quickly identify replacement properties that other companies or individual investors might miss. We have a verifiable track record of finding “off market” and lightly marketed properties.
  • • Manage the Process. ​ We are right beside you for each step of the 1031 Exchange. We’re always available to answer your questions, and will work with you to meet all required deadlines.
  • ​• Follow-up​. ​ When the process is complete we remain your trusted advisor to address any subsequent needs. We’re always just a phone call away.




We strive to understand the​ unique business objective​ of each of our clients. We bring an imaginative and practical perspective that leads to creative deal structuring. Our firm places a high priority on integrity, knowledge, and commitment while maintaining a laser focus on the welfare of our clients.

Because of our experience, knowledge, and relationships in the real estate industry, we can find prime properties​ that are not yet on the market. We leverage our extensive contact list that has been cultivated over 30 years and further draw on our vast network of professional affiliations with attorneys, accountants, and real estate experts. We have become a valued resource to many in the real estate community.

We take the time to understand our​ client’s requirements​ and then work tirelessly to leverage our extensive industry contacts to deliver the right deal to meet those needs. Our virtual partners work collaboratively with us to help provide solutions for whatever the obstacle may be to a transaction, seeking any suitable resources available to handle it professionally and completely.


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