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Experience matters. Scott Bresky served as President of Chase Investment Services, a division of JP Morgan Chase where he directed the Wealth Management Group, Private Capital Investing Channel, and the Retirement Investment Center. He also held positions as Senior Vice President for Wachovia’s Asset Management Group and Executive Vice President for VFG an Investment Banking Firm.

For the past 15 years Scott has offered his expertise, knowledge, and insight to help his clients achieve their financial objectives.

Wisdom and trust are traits that must be earned.


AWG Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm that offers comprehensive financial planning and advisory services to select individuals, families, and businesses.

AWG Long Term Care Advisors helps guide individuals and families through the emotional, physical, and financial consequences associated with providing or paying for care over an extended period of time.

AWG Real Estate and 1031 Advisors  is a boutique real estate company helping investors sell and buy investment property with an expertise in 1031 Exchanges.

You don’t learn survival skills from the guy who just went
camping for the first time… you want to learn it from the
retired special forces military guy who survived by eating
bugs and rainwater for a month in the forest.

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